Wind and Thunder Menuki -Keyring


Menuki is a metal decoration on the handle of the katana giving better grip and feel. The Menuki often has some type of fantastic beast, deity or powerful symbol pictured, that naturally act as decorations but more importantly act as a charm or sacred symbol giving courage and strength to the bearer.

This menuki keyring is good way to bring a piece of Japanese history and folklore into your life, and is excellent gift for someone interested in eastern martial arts.

The menuki features Raiden/Raijin, the god of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology and in the Shinto religion. This demon-looking spirit has his drums which he beats with his hammers, creating chaos and destruction, but necessities such as rain as well. As with other gods in the Japanese pantheon, Raiden is not simply good or evil, but unfathomable, as gods tend to be. Historically Japan has had its fair share of weather based devastations, from tsunamis to typhoons, and these are often attributed to Raiden or to Fuijin, the god of wind. They have saved Japan too, the most famous incidents occurred in 1274 and 1281 when the gods produced kamikaze, a divine wind, which sunk the invading Mongol fleets, thus thwarting the expansion of the Khans.

Size without ring approx. 4 cm x 7 cm, length with ring 10 cm.

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