Drinking Horn with hanger -Large


From the Bronze age onwards using horns as vessels for drink was fairly typical. From Greece to the Balkans the drinking horn spread to central Europe by the Iron Age. The surviving examples of drinking horns all have silver embellishments, sometimes extravagant ones, as ordinary non-decorated ones have decayed over time. The Viking age sees the drinking horn mentioned in both the Beowulf and the Edda as well as in the Arthurian legends of the medieval period. In medieval and early modern times a drinking horn seems to have been a ceremonial drinking vessel, lavishly decorated and produced for special occasions. They are used to this day for such purposes for example in Georgia.

These drinking horns are all natural and authentic horns, but have been varnished to comply with modern health and safety rules. They can be used for drinking both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike.

This horn comes with a leather hanger so you can easily carry the horn with you on your adventures.

This horn can be used and is available with or without a stand. More information about the handwrought stand suitable for this horn can be found here -Drinking Horn Stand-
This size large horn holds approximately 4 to 5 dl.

Please note that all horns are unique in shape and color. You can request a color in the comment-field of your order and we try to fulfill your wishes as accurately as possible.

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