Horn Tankard


From the Bronze age onwards using horns as vessels for drink was fairly typical. From Greece to the Balkans the drinking horn spread to central Europe by the Iron Age. The Viking age sees the drinking horn mentioned in both the Beowulf and the Edda as well as in the Arthurian legends of the medieval period. Horn, when heated, can be manipulated, and it has been used to fashion innumerable practical objects. A flat bottomed mug is a natural and user-friendly version of the drinking horn.

These horn tankards are made of natural water buffalo horns, and have been varnished so as to comply with modern health and safety rules. They can be used for drinking either alcoholic or non-alcoholic cold or warm beverages. A unique horn tankard brings a glorious and authentic feel, from the noble banquet feast of the south to the stark northern guardhouse, all through the seven kingdoms. When drinking from this fantastic tankard you no longer care who is the king!

Gently hand wash with warm soap water, no dishwasher. Holds approx. 4,5 - 6,5 dl. Please note that all horns are unique in shape and colour. You can write your request in the comment field of your order and we try to fulfill your wishes as accurately as possible.

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