Children´s Bascinet


The Bascinet was called "pig faced" by the English or "Hounds Skull" by the Germans. Although its appearance did not please everyone, its practicality was unsurpassed. Thanks to the hinged vizor the helmet was musch more versatile and more pleasant to use than its predecessor, the Great Helm. By the 3rd quarter of the 14th Century the Bascinet had emerged as the most popular form of helmet, and could be found on the battle-fields all over Europe.

This sturdy children’s helmet is made of polyurethane, which means you can even stand on it, and it will still return to its shape. This helmet is made for the little warriors, whther they are facing a dragon or a host of enemies. Due to the realistic appearace, this helmet will give wings to the child’s imagination and offers endless possibilities for creative play and time travel. The helmet makes an ideal present for a child interested in knights and heroic tales.

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