Children's Bow and 3 arrows


The use of bows can be traced to pre-historic times. The golden period of longbows lasted from 1250-1450, when it was typical in hunting, warfare as well as in competitions. With the advent of firearms the use of longbows in war waned considerably. This was partly also influenced by the fact that using a longbow effectively takes years and years of dedicated practice, which made maintaining a longbow force both expensive and time-consuming.

This child's bow is an excellent first bow for a budding robinhood. The suction cup arrows tips allow for safe practicing, and the small merry men and self-rescuing princesses need not yet be masters in aim and execution. The arrows also have feathers in blue felt, which improve their accuracy.

This child's bow is made of ash tree and is approximately 100 cm long. The bow comes with three arrows.
Also available -Extra Arrows-.

The arrows differ from the ones shown in the pictures with kids. The new and better arrows have a blue suction cup end, and blue felt "feathers".

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