Children's Crossbow with 2 arrows


Crossbows have been in use in Europe at least since 400 bca. In military use they were common from about 900-1500 CE. Crossbows are still used in hunting and competitions. In medieval times the cross bow had an important place in warfare, because a crossbowman could be trained in less than a week, whereas a longbow took years of experience and practice to master.

This children's crossbow is easy even for a small child to set up, and it does not have too many pounds to put windows or pets into jeopardy. Safe for indoor use. The crossbow has a steel bow and comes with two safety arrows with soft round heads.

Also available -Extra Arrows for Crossbow- and -Replacement String for Crossbow-.

Lenght 48 cm and width of the bow along the string 54.5 cm.

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