Quiver for Kids/Youth


A quiver is meant for transporting arrows safely, and nowhere is safety more important than when when kids are concerned. As well as protecting the child and others from the arrows, the quiver also protects the arrows from accidental breakage, making it the perfect place to store arrows. This children’s quiver is made of imitation leather and has decorative metal studs on both the mouth and bottom of the quiver. The quiver comes with a belt which closes with a buckle. With the belt the quiver can be carried on the back or on the hip. Whichever way you choose to carry your arrows is up to you.

This quiver can be used to carry the arrows of Children's Bow (lenght 48 cm) as well as arrows of the Youth Long Bow (lenght 61-64cm).

The quiver measures approximately 40 cm in height, the diameter of the bottom is 8 cm and the lenght of the belt is 120 cm.

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