Children's Sword Belt


A proper knight of course has a safe place to place their weapon when it is not in use, lest the enemy snatch it from them. In the heat of play and tournament the small knight may not always want to carry their arms, and waiting staff may not always be willing or available. A sword belt is a fine solution to these problems. The sword belt also comes in handy when practicing knightly manners, such as walking among unarmed civilians. A knight can be a knight even in busy environments, such as markets and fares, and the weapon is never misplaced by accident.

Fits together with almost any children's sword or dagger on the market. If the width of the blade is wider than the mouth of the hanger 5.5 cm you can widen the mouth of the hanger using for example scissors.

Belt lenght approx. 106 cm and the width of the hanger mouth 5.5 cm.

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