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AUDATIA is a card game for two players in which they duel each other with swords. Everything you do in the card game works in real life, and vice versa - blow by blow. The game is an accurate representation of the Fiore school of medieval longsword.

Playing the game:
•You will have hours of fun stabbing and slashing at your friends without killing anyone
•You will, as if by magic, learn the theory of Fiore’s art. If you decide to take up a sword and attend a beginner’s class, you will have a major advantage!
•You will, in a suspiciously fun and accidental fashion, learn the medieval Italian terminology you need to discuss Fiore’s art with other players and swordsmen
•By being aware of all this, you’re part of the living legacy of western martial arts

The makers set out to create an uncompromisingly authentic and accurate representation of the art of a swordfight. The result is a seriously fun, deep, tactical duelling card game. There is absolutely nothing else like it.
The game contains two sets of cards, one for each character in the duel (Galeazzo and Boucicault) and naturally you need two to play. The packs come with basic instructions, but in order to get the most of the game you can download the free extended rules from and watching the instruction videos at the game’s -YouTube channel-

Rules inside the box are only in English.

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