The Duellist's Companion


The Duellist’s Companion by Guy Windsor is a complete training guide to 17th century Italian rapier fencing. It is a thorough interpretation of the style of legendary swordsman Ridolfo Capo Ferro, author of the most famous fencing book in history, Gran Simulacro, published in 1610. Studying this book you can learn: how to choose your equipment, basic footwork, solo training, basic attacks and defences, pair drills and rapier and dagger exercises leading to free swordplay with your training partner.

The Duellist’s Companion was first published in 2006, and is the standard work on the subject. The author Guy Windsor has been studying and training western martial arts for almost 30 years, and has been teaching professionally since 2001, when he founded The School of European Swordsmanship.
Available only in English. Includes 249 pages.

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