Veni Vadi Vici -book

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Guy Windsor has utilized all of his skills and combined his swordsmanship skills and martial arts teacher experience to his understanding of medieval Italian and history and translated, transcribed and commented the classical over 500 year old handwritten medieval combat manual De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi. The book was written between 1482 and 1487 and in the book master Filippo Vadi teaches the reader how to use a sword, dagger, spear and poleaxe.

Included in the book you can find the original artwork while the emphasis lies on translation and commentary of the text.

The translation of the book was the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign to bring new life to this old swordfighting manual. Hopefully along with this translation the original work will continue to withstand the passing of time for another 500 years.

191 pages. Available in papreback and hardcover.

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