World Tree –Leather Diary/Notebook

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This journal has thick embossed leather covers and inside you can find approx. 200 empty handmade paper pages waiting for your notes. The brown leather cover has a World Tree embossed on it. The World Tree can be found from many old mythologies and legends as the most important structure the world has been built upon on. The World Tree can be found from Norse mythology (Yggdrasil), Finnish mythology (giant oak in Kalevala), Siberian beliefs, Mongolian mythology (which Genghis Khan spread when conquering the world), Native American beliefs as well as Slavic, Baltic, Turkic, Chinese and Indian old myths.

Trees are still important to human life but long ago in our evolutionary history trees indeed were our whole world and made it possible for our species to live. Perhaps this old and distant memory is the reason why a giant world tree can be found from so many old myths as the explanation for the whole world giving it support and boundaries.

You can use this book for example as a diary, for customer orders, drawings, as a gardeners notebook or as a book for your own family tree/list of family and so on.

Book can be closed and tied using a leather strap. Thickness of the cover leather is approx. 2 mm. Approx. 200 writable pages.

Size approx. 17 x 13.5 x 3 cm (6.7” x 5.3” x 1.2”). Weight 300-340 g (10.6-12 oz).

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