French Highwayman Coat


Historical literature is full of tales of robbers and thieves preying upon rich travellers, and no one bandit personified this more than the French Highwayman. You can feel the history wearing this coat, waiting in ambush listening to the approaching sounds of a carriage possibly carrying a chest full of golden doubloons.

The coat has an elegant laced double collar. Upper part of the collar can be worn up for disguise as well as left discreetly down when travelling. Double collars like this were also used on docs and ships to prevent water splashing on the face of wearer. This full length coat is made of durable black denim and has a generous split on the lower back and sides, for freedom of movement. A stylish wide period cuff with braid and buttons adorn the sleeves. Two buttons on the back allow adjusting the waist according to the wearer. 100 % cotton.

Available sizes: S/M, L/XL and XXL

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You can see this coat also on the music video KORPIKLAANI -Ämmänhauta

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