Thick Gambeson


It was always possible to drive the point of a weapon through the rings of a mail shirt or shear it with a good cut. This often drove the damaged rings deep into the wound. Even if the blow didn't cut the mail, the blunt trauma alone was enough to break bone or cause internal damage. A thick, padded garment worn under a mail shirt greatly reduced the risk of these types of injuries as well as made the armour more comfortable to wear. Our gambeson is a type worn from the early Middle Ages onwards. They varied greatly in terms of thickness, from a slightly padded shirt to very stiff and thick garments.

This style can be worn underneath mail when training or combat but can naturally also be used as reenactment clothing. The gambeson fastens with five leather strings. The arm movement is greatly enhanced and the stiffness mitigated by the open underarms. Thickness 10mm, 8mm when compressed.
Made of 100% cotton canvas by Marshall Historical.

M112 cm82,3 cm48,3 cm63,3 cm
L117 cm83,6 cm49,6 cm64,6 cm
XL122 cm84,9 cm50,9 cm65,9 cm
XXL127 cm86,2 cm52,2 cm67,2 cm
XXXL132 cm87,5 cm53,5 cm68,5 cm

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