Woollen Cloak


A cloak has been an integral part of clothing in many cultures, as it protects the wearer from the elements, is fast and easy to put on and take off, and it doesn’t restrict arm movement. In medieval times a cloak like this would have served several purposes: it kept the wearer warm and dry, protected other clothes from wear and tear and could be used as a blanket to wrap oneself in whilst sleeping. The natural qualities of felted sheep wool mean that the cloak was waterproof, so it could have been used as a raincoat or a shelter from the rain.

Our cloak is a versatile piece of clothing, suitable to accompany almost any outfit giving them that little bit of extra authenticity. The weather no longer gets to make you choose between dressing appropriately and dressing comfortably, whether in the woods or to a banquet. This full sized cloak is approximately 135 cm long from the shoulder down and is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Depending on the colour, the cloaks are made of approximately 65-75% sheep wool, 7-22% polyester, 2-7% nylon, 2,5-7% cotton and 0-7% viscose.

Available in black, brown, grey, blue, burgundy and green.

You can see green and gray cloaks on the music video KORPIKLAANI -Ämmänhauta

Photos by: Anniina Sinisalo anskusinisalo.com.

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