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The Romans and the Greeks used both large crossbows which were moved on wheels, as well as smaller hand-held models as early as 400 BCE. From the time after the fall of Rome there is no surviving record of the use of crossbows or how widespread it might have been, but what is known is that by 900 CE crossbows were used all over Europe. From 1200 until the beginning of the 15th Century the crossbowmen were elite soldiers, fighting on the front lines. The troops commanded equal respect in England as well, until the longbow became popular towards the end of the 13th Century, eventually replacing the crossbow in English warfare.

By the end of the 14th Century the crossbow had become exceedingly important in continental warfare; in Spain crossbowmen were promoted to the rank of the knight. In continental Europe crude firearms began replacing the crossbow in military use during 1460-1470, and by the middle of the 16th century the improvements in firearms had made the crossbow redundant. Their use of course still continued in hunting and sports.

This crossbow is entirely hand-made in Finland. The body is of birch tree and the bow is of hickory. The trigger mechanism is entirely of steel. A similar revolving nut mechanism was in use already in the large ballistas of the Greeks, and re-invented in 12th century it was the most common trigger mechanism used in crossbows in medieval times. A security pin in the trigger increases the safety of this bow, preventing the trigger being pressed accidentally.

Please note! Even though this crossbows power is sufficient for hunting small prey, Finnish law does not allow hunting with crossbows in Finland.

The crossbow is available in three colors: cognac, antique oak and oil/natural birch. Mention your preference in the Comments-field of your order. In the photographs the body is cognac color.

Length of the body app. 104 cm (41”), thickness 42 mm (1 2/3”). Span of the bow app. 100 cm (39 2/5”), height 45 mm (1 7/9”) and 10 mm (2/5”) thick. Tensile strength when stretched for shooting approximately 50-60 pounds.

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