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The English longbow had its heyday in medieval times, from 1250-1450, but use of a bow and arrow dates back to pre-historic times. It was used in hunting, sports as well as in war. Even though these bows are called English longbows identical bows were used across northern and western Europe. It was the English that made this bow famous in the Hundred Years’ War against the French. English longbowmen resolved the famous battles of Crecy, Poitiers and most famously the Battle of Agincourt. Longbows importance wane as the use of firepower became more widespread. Also after 1350 plate armor was becoming more available to a larger number of soldiers and knights, and as the longbow could not easily penetrate it longbows started to lose importance in battle use.

There are not many longbows that have survived to our day, for they wore down with use, finally breaking, so there was nothing to hand down to the next generation. The bows were typically made of yew and by the 16th century the demand for yew had surpassed its production, and yew was all but wiped out from all of Europe. Other materials were of course also used and these English longbows we offer, hand-made in Turku, Finland, are made of hickory.

These longbows have a draw weight of 30-35 pounds (130-155 N), which allows for easy and pleasant practice shooting. Perfect if you are starting a new hobby or don’t practice shooting regularly. In Finland 40 pounds (180 N) or more is required if the longbow is to be used for hunting. The maximum draw weight of a medieval longbow is estimated to have been between 80 and 110 pounds (355-490 N), but some examples measure up to 185 pounds (820 N). There are only a few archers nowadays who are able to shoot such a strong longbow with any precision.

Length approx. 175 cm (69”).

Due to the length of this item, please contact us first if shipping outside Europe.

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