Traditional Wooden Crossbow


Crossbows have been in use in Europe at least since 400 BCE. It was not until about 800-900 CE, however, that these weapons spread to general use in warfare, and they remained in active military use until the 16th century. Since then the crossbow has been in use in both competitions and hunting. One of the main reasons for the widespread use of crossbows in medieval warfare is undoubtedly its easy usage: whereas the longbow would take years to master efficiently the crossbow only required less than a week of training for the soldier. In both warfare and hunting the user greatly benefited from being able to load the weapon in advance and wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Also shooting was possible whilst kneeling/lying down and hidden, an improvement over the longbow.

This crossbow is entirely handmade in Finland. The body is made of birch and the bow of hickory. The trigger mechanism is of birch and moose bone. The mechanism is a simple and surefire pin lock system. The safety wedge on the trigger is a considerable safety element. The wedge between the trigger and the body prevent the trigger being pushed accidentally.

Please note! Even though this crossbows power is sufficient for hunting small prey, Finnish law does not allow hunting with crossbows in Finland.

The crossbow is available in three colors: cognac, antique oak and oil/natural birch. Mention your preference in the Comments-field of your order.

Length of the body app. 94 cm (37”), thickness 45 mm (1 7/9”). Span of the bow app. 100 cm (39 2/5”), height 45 mm (1 7/9”) and 10 mm (2/5”) thick. Tensile strength when stretched for shooting approximately 50-60 pounds.

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