15th Century English Rondel


Daggers were the universal sidearm of the Middle Ages, carried to war and throughout daily life by nobles and commoners alike. The rondel dagger was one of the most popular designs of the late medieval period. Although the model we offer is of English origin the rondels were very similar throughout Europe. This simple yet graceful knife is of the type that was always carried when in armor, as can be witnessed in the funerary art of the period. The wood grip is sized, so that it can be held while wearing a gauntlet. The rondel was designed to damage and penetrate armor. They could squeeze through mail, splitting rings as they went, and punch between openings in plate. The long blade comes to a strong point, for the grisly task of finding the gaps in armor and finishing the foe. This rondel is also nicely balanced as a fighting knife, when one is not in armor. Tempered high carbon steel blade. Includes leather scabbard.

Overall 44.5 cm (17,5”), blade 28.6 cm (11.25””) long, 2.9 cm (1.13”) wide, 4.8 mm (3/16”) thick. Weight 400 g (14 oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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