Assam Rifles Kukri


This authentic kukri is made by the official government contractor, Windlass Steelcrafts (since 1943), for issue to the Gurkha's Assam Rifles Regiment. Made to current military specifications, it is hand forged from high carbon steel and comes with a regulation sheath. This kukri has a 34 cm (13 1/2") long blade which is double fullered. It also features the traditional religious notch, which is said to be symbolic of the trident of Shiva. At a little over 6 mm (1/4") thick, this is a very powerful chopping blade. The polished, native hardwood handle is reinforced by a brass bolster and a brass pommel with a raised lion's head decoration. The handle of Assam Rifles Kukri is slightly slimmer than the handle of Gurkha Kukri making it fit better for user with small hands.

Overall 46cm (18"). Blade 34cm (13 1/2") long, 6.3mm (1/4") thick. Weight 570g (1 lbs 4 oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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