16th Century Close Helmet


The armorers strived to provide better and better protection as the development of the helmet continued throughout the centuries. Comfort was an important consideration in their development since even the safest helmet in the world was useless if it lacked for example proper ventilation. The highly functional and effective close helmet was created just as the time of the sword was drawing to a close, at the dawn of the era of new weapons. This fully operable replica has a leather liner, hooks easily, and is very easy to wear; all of the moveable parts function smoothly. Collar protection is substantial. Helmet has 1.24 mm (18 gauge) steel construction. This helmet is typical of the style of circa 1550 CE.

Inner circumference approx. 69 cm (27 1/6”) and circumference at neck 53 cm (20 7/8”). Weight 3.6 kg. (7 lbs 14 oz).

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