15th Century Jousting Gauntlets


All armor is a trade-off between mobility and how well it protects you. Milanese mitten style gauntlets tended to focus more on heavy protection, the surfaces were smooth and rounded and all of the fingers were protected with one continuous plate (or plates). This however restricted finger movement. If you used gauntlets that had each finger separately armoured you would have much better mobility to use your weapon, grapple with your opponent etc. But again better mobility comes at the price of having your fingers more vulnerable than being fully covered with one plate. When these gauntlets were designed a compromise between these two classic models of gauntlets was made. You still have separate fingers for dexterity but extending the metacarpal plate protecting the back of hand added the rigidity and safety needed.

Gauntlets such as these would have been used as jousting gauntlets during tournaments, or by the heavy cavalry in war. These types of Italian-style gauntlets for the joust can be seen from c. 1425 to the end of the century.

Made of 1.6 mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in manufacturing. Weight 2,24 kg/pair. Made by Marshall Historical.

Available in two sizes: 9 and 11.

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