Blackened Mail Coif


Mail was difficult and time consuming to make and therefore very expensive. Good protection, however, often separated the dead fighters from the living, and so rich and powerful warriors invested. Mail is very durable, but due to its flexibility a forceful blow could cause bone fractures, contusions and trauma even if lacerations were avoided. That is why heavy padding was always used underneath mail coifs and commonly a steel or iron helmet on top of the coif.

This coif is made of 1.6 mm thick steel links built in the standard European pattern, with 4 links through a 5th. Each link is blackened, which provides protection from corrosion. We however recommend that you keep the mail lightly oiled to prevent rusting.

Outer diameter of each ring is approx. 11 mm and inner diameter approx. 8 mm. Fits to warriors with up to 61 cm head circumference. Weight approx. 3 kg.

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