Brass Greaves


Greaves were a part of a war outfit of heavy infantry long before the Common Era. They were constructed of materials ranging from padded cloth to metal plate and they protected either only the lower leg or extended upwards to protect the thigh as well. The greaves were usually worn on both legs, like the Greek Hoplites including the famous Spartans did. Roman Centurions wore greaves on both legs but in the Roman Republican period, legionaries were known to wear protection only on their left, leading leg.

The Greeks used these greaves ca from 6th to 3rd century BCE and the Romans ca from 4th century BCE to 2nd century CE. These greaves were naturally also used by other Italic tribes and people living in the area. Bronze greaves traveled all the way to India with the army of Alexander the Great.

These greaves are made of 1.5 mm (0.06”) thick brass and have inner leather lining. Both greaves have two leather straps and buckles for attachment. Height of a greave is ca 46 cm (18”) and width, including the bulge, is ca 38 cm (15”). Weight: ca 2.6 kg (per pair) (5.7lbs). Sold as pair of two.

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