Chainmail Coif


From the Celts of 300 BC to 18th century Asia, mail was one of the most prized items a warrior could own. The "Foe of Swords'" probably derived the name "mail" from the Latin "Macula" meaning net. This coif features 1.6 mm thick steel (16 gauge) links in the "international" pattern - 4 links through a 5th - common to all European mail. Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections, it can be worn with or without a helmet.
Chain mail is very durable, but due to its flexibility a forceful blow could cause bone fractures or contusions even if lacerations were avoided. That is why thick padding was always used under mail. Also a hard helmet was often used on top of the coif, although it was often also used as such.

Outer link diameter of each link is about 11.2 mm (0.44"), inner link diameter about 8 mm (0.31"). The weight of the coif is app. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs).

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