Closed Greaves


Protecting the legs of a man-at-arms was vital and as technology permitted, different types of shin protection were used. By the beginning of the 14th C mail was augmented with shynbalds, or front greaves , and eventually the entire lower leg was encased. Full greaves were used from the mid- 14th century all the way though the late medieval period.

These full greaves are attached to the cuisse/poleyn/demi-greave with a strap from the upper leg harness. The strap goes through the steel staple at the back of the greave. On the front of the greave is a pin that is inserted through the hole in the demi-greave, further stabilizing the whole leg harness. These greaves are compatible with all Marshal Historical armour legs. If the front pin is not going to be used, it can naturally be removed. The greave is secured with a leather strap and buckle. Made of 1.6 mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in manufacturing.

Front length: 34 cm. Side length: 38 cm. Inner circumference: approx. 44.5 cm calf, 28 cm ankle. Weight 3,2 kg per pair. Made by Marshall Historical.

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