Couters / Steel Elbow Plates


In battle all the extremities of the body were especially vulnerable to injuries, and thus needed protection. Couters for elbow protection are an essential piece of plate armor, and together with gauntlets for hands, pauldrons for shoulders and vambraces for forearms they contribute to well protected arms.

During the 1300’s couters were rounded shape, progressing towards a more conical shape, and in the second quarter of the century a wing was added to improve the protection for the joint itself. Wing decoration then flourished, with the shapes varying by region, date and fashions. In the second half of 15th century elbow plates were articulated and developed to the peak.

These couters are made of 2mm thick steel. Each of the five segments is riveted together by hand, making for a well fitting articulated joint. These couters are robust and well suited for re-enactment battles. These couters are designed and sized to be used on top of gambeson and mail and will be somewhat large to most if used alone without padding. On the inside, two leather straps are fitted with brass buckles.

If you find most knee armor too roomy you can use these as poleyns (armor for the knee)!
Sold as a pair.

Overall length about 28cm. Diameter 11.5 cm.

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