German Gothic Cuirass with Tassets

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Breastplates were used as protection already by the Romans and the Greeks, and were made of leather or bronze. Plate armor was, however, expensive and difficult to make, and was replaced by chainmail and other types of protection. During middle-ages with the development of steel manufacturing, plate armor again became the armor of choice. Wealthier knights started using plate armor during the 14th Century and the last half of the 15th Century saw plate armor reach its apex in beauty, form and function. However plate armor stayed expensive and at no point was available to all soldiers.

This cuirass, the part of armor protecting the torso, consist of the back and breastplate with faulds protecting the waist and hips, and tassets for upper thigh protection. The weight of the cuirass is designed to rest largely on the hips so that the weight is comfortably distributed. Attachment of breastplate and back plate is by leather straps provided. This type of armor would have been a common sight on the battlefields of The War of the Roses. Original from late 15th Century.

Handcrafted of 1.24 mm (18 gauge) steel. Approximately 7.7 kg (17 lbs). Fits up to 117 cm (46") chest and 96 cm (38”) waist. This set includes the breastplate and back plate with attached faulds and removable tassets. Other items and armor parts seen in pictures are not included.

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