Gothic Gauntlets


Protecting hands was a matter of life and death to knights and other men-at-arms. Mail was attached on top of leather gauntlets during 13th century, but as the skills of armorers improved plate armor as well was used to protect hands. During 14th century plate armor gauntlets were available to the wealthy knights and lords. The functionality and protection of gauntlets evolved over time coming to these gothic gauntlets that have full functionality and mobility while giving excellent protection to the hands.

Gothic armors were developed in Germany late 15th century in the style of Gothic architecture. Pointed arches, ribbed vaults and flying buttresses can be seen in architecture as well as in armor.
Gothic style armor was the best there was in its own time. Gothic style armor was designed to cause minimal resistance to movement while giving maximal protection. These Gothic gauntlets are mobile enough for fast swordplay. The wrist is articulated as well as all of the fingers. The thumb has a hinge for maximum mobility. These gauntlets are made of 1.3 mm thick steel and are size 9-10 that fits most. Articulated steel plates are riveted and stitched to a sturdy leather glove. A leather strap with buckle fastening secures the gauntlet in its place.

Weight approx. 1.7kg/pair (3 ¾ lbs/pair).

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