Lighty Padded Practical Gloves


Good gloves are a must in serious practice of all martial arts. These lightly padded gloves are designed mainly for light training practice with a hand-and-a-half and light swordplay with synthetic swords, rapiers, sabers, daggers or other light weapons. If sparring with heavy weapons we recommend using further protection.

These gloves are made from top quality cowhide leather. The leather may have small marks or imperfections on its surface, or won´t be 100% homogeneous. Texture and color may vary from piece to piece. The dying process uses traditional techniques so final colour may vary depending on original tone of the leather. Made by: Marshall Historical.

Available in sizes 6-11

To ensure a good fit we recommend that you measure around your hand with the tape inside your hand and going around and over your knuckles.
17-19cm = 6
19-21cm = 7
21-23,5cm = 8
23,5-26cm = 9
26-28,5cm = 10
31cm = 11

The fit also depends on the length of the fingers. The following is a measurement of the middle finger of the glove.
6 = 66 mm
7 = 71 mm
8 = 76 mm
9 = 80 mm
10 = 85 mm
11 = 89 mm

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