Red Dragon Fencing Mask


At last! Fencing masks to be used with synthetic swords. This fantastic mask features a black steel mesh to protect you from blows and thick padding to soften and redirect slashes to the throat and neck. Includes red liner that softens all blows, so that no other head protection is needed when in combat.

The 350N rating of this mask is good for sparring and competitions using synthetic swords. It fulfills CE level 1 350 NW rating for Olympic fencing. This means that the mask has to withstand at least 12 kg on the mesh and the bib needs to resist penetration with at least 350N force.
The liner can be removed and washed, which will come in handy in this sweaty sport.

Available in sizes M, L and XL
Measurement around face (from the top of chin and around over the top of head)
M 61-64cm (24-25inch), L 66-69cm (26-27inch) and XL 73-76cm (29-30inch)

Measurement around the surface of the mask:
M 76cm (30inch), L 78cm (31inch) and XL 80cm (31.5inch)

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