Crusader Shield


At the beginning of the Middle Ages in Europe shields were almost without exception made of wood and the Normans had began using new shield shapes. Approximately the height of half a man and kite-shaped, these shields spread all through Europe with the Normans. Throughout the centuries the shield model shrunk and eventually established itself as a typical and traditional European shield. This knightly shield model is battle ready and worthy of the originals.

The shield acted not only as a protector but had other functions as well, including symbolic and ornamental. It also identified its carrier, having his shield of arms painted on it; a clear symbol easily recognizable even in the heat of the battle. On this shield we have a very easily recognizable red cross of a soldier who has taken up arms and joined a crusade.

This high quality knightly shield is made with curved wood. It is covered in thick canvas, is padded and has adjustable arm straps. Even though we have the shield painted suitable for any crusader it is ready for you to paint it with your own coat of arms or symbols as you please.

Height 81 cm (31.9”), width 51 cm (20”), weight app. 2.3 kg (5 lbs). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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