Medium-sized Buckler


Within Royal Armories you can find the oldest European martial arts manual that has survived to our days (and also one of the oldest in the world). This 64 paged manuscript is known by the catalogue number Royal Armouries Ms. I.33 as the original title and author are unknown. In this finely drawn manual you can find offensive and defensive techniques using sword and buckler and it is one of the best information sources for a modern reenactor training in the use of buckler. I.33 has been written most likely between 1290 and 1320 (at the very end of the last crusades) but bucklers were used all the way from 1100 well into 17th century.

Even though bucklers are small shields and not intended as a guard against arrows and other missiles bucklers were common sights on battlefields. Bucklers remained in use during war without any evolution throughout the centuries so a fast, nimble and light shield must have offered significant advantage in battle. A small shield was also always carried on person on the belt or sword handle and duels were often fought with swords and bucklers in civilian life.

This buckler is made from 2 mm thick steel and has been designed for full-contact re-enactment combat use.

Diameter approx. 30 cm (11.8”). Weight approx. 1.6. kg (3,5 lbs).

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