Synthetic Buckler


Even though bucklers are small shields and not intended as a guard against arrows and other missiles bucklers were common sights on battlefields. Bucklers remained in use during war without any evolution throughout the centuries so a fast, nimble and light shield must have offered significant advantage in battle. A small shield was also always carried on person on the belt or sword handle and duels were often fought with swords and bucklers in civilian life.

This synthetic training buckler is stoutly made and has a thick, sturdy, raised boss to protect the hand, and a rugged handle that will withstand plenty hard of use. There is good room inside the boss for your protective gauntlets.

This buckler is mainly intented to be usead with synthetic and wooden swords. It's not made to be used against metal weapons even though it will last fairly well against steel in light practise. Using a steel training sword against this synthetic buckler will wear it out rapidly.

Material: Polypropylene. Weight: approx. 985 g. Diameter: approx. 30.5 cm. Thickness: approx. 12,5 mm.

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