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Small swords developed from rapiers in France during the mid 17th century. Sometimes called a court or dress sword, they are typical of affluent 17th and 18th century society where all proper gentlemen would have carried one as a status symbol and a fashion accessory. It was not merely decorative, however, but would have seen many successful duels in its day. The small sword was not only a civilian weapon, but was used in the military as a side arm by infantry officers. It is still used to this day as a part of many ceremonial outfits and court uniforms. The small sword is also used today in fencing, where the epée is its direct descendent.

The original of this beautiful small sword comes from a private collection. It is highly detailed from the classic clam shell hilt to the floral etched ricasso which continues onto the scabbard parts. The hand forged, fully tempered high carbon steel blade is lightning fast for rapier-type thrusts. Hilt and scabbard parts are solid metal and plated in nickel. Leather scabbard includes decorative belt clip and chains so the sword hangs properly.

Approximate dimensions: Overall 92 cm
(36 1/4”). Blade 77 cm
(30 1/4”) long, 1.9 cm
(3/4”) wide and 6 mm
(1/4”) thick. Weight 850g
(1 lbs 14oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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