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In 1364, during what is now known as the Hundred Year War, John de Montfort claimed the French Peninsula of Brittany for England and sent a force under John Chandos to besiege Auray. Charles de Blois and Bertrand du Guesclin marched a French army to the relief of the town. In an assault on the siege lines of the English the French were repulsed and then completely routed by a flank attack by Chandos. De Blois was killed and du Guesclin was captured and the dismayed town surrendered. France's Charles V recognized de Montford's claim to Brittany the following year. The Auray Sword is an extremely fast functional sword and is an example of the type in use on both sides during the Hundred Year War. The well tempered high carbon steel blade of the Auray sword is slightly hollow ground to cut down on weight. The steel parts and the wood grip, that swells in the center for a very firm grasp, balance the Auray sword perfectly making it truly "come to life" in the hand. Original in Philadelphia Fine Art Museum.

Weight 1.0kg
(2 lbs 2 oz), overall 98cm
(38 3/4"), blade 81cm
(32") long, 5.7cm
(2 1/4") wide. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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