Cavalier Hat with Plume

  • Can be worn with either left or right side brim turned up
  • Made of leather
  • Available in two sizes



Description of the Product

A wide brimmed hat cocked on one side was especially popular in Europe during the 1600’s. The hats were usually decorated with a long ostrich feather. The hats are often refered to as Cavalier hats, as they were associated with the Cavaliers, the royalist supporters of Kings Charles I and II during the English Civil War. The Cavaliers were preceived as style-conscious, (even perhaps at the expence of other concerns). The same style was also used famously by the Musketeers in France. Gustavus II Adolphus was one of the most notorious wearers of the style further north. The cavalier hat was later, at the end of 17th Century, replaced in popularity by the tricorn.

This stylish hat will definitely bring your outfit together, whether your loyalties lie with the monarchy or the parliament, the Cardinal or the King. No period outfit would be complete without a fine hat to top off a dashing appearance.

Made of fine black leather, the hat has a stylish band with a buckle, along with the famous up-turned side brim. With the addition of the plume of genuine ostrich feather you will be the talk of the kings' court. The hat is available in size S/M or L/XL and can be worn with either left or right side brim turned up.

Available in sizes S/M and L/XL
S/M corresponds with hat size 58–59 and L/XL size 62–63.

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