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Called by many names, chapel-de-fer, war hat or kettle hat, the broad rimmed open face helmet was the most popular of all helmets for fighting on foot. The broad brim shields blows from hand weapons and offers a fair amount of protection from missiles coming from above. Although it did leave the face vulnerable, many preferred the vision and access to air to the protection offered by helmets that covered the face. The war hat was used in medieval Europe by foot soldiers and knights from the 13th century onward, and the height of its popularity came in the 14th Century in England and France. It is an important helmet in the development of armor, and something of its popularity is proven by the fact that the English wore almost identical helmets in the First World War.

This sturdy children’s helmet is made of polyurethane, which means you can even stand on it, and it will still return to its shape. This helmet is made for the little warriors, whether they are facing a dragon or a host of enemies. Due to the realistic appearance, this helmet will give wings to the child’s imagination and offers endless possibilities for creative play and time travel. The helmet makes a great present for a child interested in knights and heroic tales.

As this helmet is open on all sides it fits to most adults as well. The other children helmets in our selection are much more restricting sizewise for adults to wear.

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