Children’s Bascinet without Visor


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Bascinet was a common helmet type in the Late Middle Ages that rose in popularity during the 14th century and remained in use to the end of the Middle Ages. Several different types of visors, nose guards and face protections were added and were used with the standard Bascinet but this classical helmet was also used as is with no added face protection. Whether you are a town guard or a hired sword you just might appreciate ease of use and clear field of vision over maximum possible protection.

This sturdy children’s helmet is made of polyurethane, which means you can even stand on it, and it will still return to its shape. This helmet is made for the little warriors, whther they are facing a dragon or a host of enemies. Due to the realistic appearance, this helmet will give wings to the child’s imagination and offers endless possibilities for creative play and time travel. The helmet makes an ideal present for a child interested in knights and heroic tales.

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