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Even though this is a later model the earliest known folding knife dates all the way back to the early Iron Age Hallstatt Culture c.600-500 BCE. Romans used the folding pocket knife as a tool, and many viking era folding knives have also been found. The small amount of metal needed for its making meant the folding knife was available to much wider base than larger blades. Folding knives also could be carried easily and safely on person as the blade folds inside the handle that both protects the blade and keeps the owner safe. As manufacturing blades became more affordable from c. the 1600’s onwards, mass production started in Sheffield, England. Folding knives were first time in history available even to the peasants and other poor workers, thus acquiring the name peasant knife. Some folding knives got names reflecting their use, for example the penknife was used to sharpen quills.

This folding knife is easy to use and to carry with you. It is perfect for whittling, paring, sharpening pens, slicing fruit, you name it. The sharp knife opens letters, cuts paper, vegetables and steak. The handle fits your palm and the light weight makes it a great tool to carry around in home, garden or camping. Made by Marshal Historical.

Handle is made of brass and the handle plates are either wood, bone or horn as you choose. The blade is made of high carbon steel. The blade locks in fully opened position and can be released by pushing a spring lever.

Overall length 23 cm, folded length 12 cm, handle length 12 cm, blade length 11,6 cm. Weight 60 g.

Handle options: Brown Wood, Black Horn and White Bone.

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