French Cut&Thrust Sword


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Description of the Product

In an old pamphlet from the early 1900's, we ran across a photograph of a French Cut and Thrust Sword with a matching dagger. The sword was a one- handed weapon, the grip was larger than normal, and could be gripped with two hands if needed. The hilt had two loops extending at right angles with a small ricasso (the part of the blade not meant to be sharpened). Combined with the French Cut and Thrust dagger, this made an excellent fighting combination, and one that could compete successfully with the rapiers and left hand daggers in use at the time. Both are functional without the other and include scabbards. Originals from c.1550.

Weight 1.1kg
(2 lbs 6 oz), overall 104cm
(41”), blade 87cm
(34 ¼”) long, 3.8cm
(1 ½”) wide, 4.8mm
(3/16”) thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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