Hospitaller Robe



Description of the Product

The Order of the knights Hospitaller was founded to provide care for poor, sick or injured pilgrims to the Holy Land. After the Western Christian conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade the order began receiving large donations from Europe and nobles joined the ranks. Soon it became a religious/military order under its own charter, and was charged with the care and defence of the Holy Land. Together with the Knights Templar the Hospitallers were the force to be reconed with in the Holy Lands. As the most heavily armed and best equipped soldiers, this cavalry was dreaded wherever it went. Strict discipline, long training and religious fundamentalism were a guarantee for success in the battlefields. The Hospitallers used swords, shields, crossbows, spears and when mounted on horseback also pikes.
Worn by the Hospitaller Order, this dark brown heavy cotton long sleeved hooded tunic/robe has a white cross embroidered on the front and comes with a corded rope belt. Comes complete with strips of aged chain mail attached in front and back to give the illusion of a full mail skirt being worn underneath.

Available in sizes S/M or L/XL

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