Hunting Trousse


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Description of the Product

In the Middle Ages most of the nobility were devoted hunters. It was a sport that also helped train for war as well as providing meat for the table. All of the huntsmen would prepare themselves for the hunt with a trousse. This large knife was used to dispatch the wounded animal, then dress out and carve the carcass. Sometimes the trousse was accompanied by a fork and a small knife for camp dining. A trousse of this type was in use all the way from the 13th to the 17th centuries. Our trousse has a 30 cm (12") long, 5cm (2") wide blade that will take and keep a razor edge. Both it and the small knife are made of high carbon steel, as is the fork. Furniture is steel, while the grip is polished buffalo horn.

Weight 680g (1 lb 8oz), overall 43cm
(17”), blade 30cm
(12”) long, 5cm
(2”) wide, 4.8mm
(3/16”) thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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