River Thames Mace


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Description of the Product

The club is no doubt the oldest weapon and the mace its most high-minded variation. Always a symbol of power and authority, its great advantages are simplicity and durability. It was never required to be sharpened, and was very effective against plate or mail armor. The flanged version was in use by at least the later part of the 11th century. Because of its long handle, this mace – the original of which was recovered from the River Thames in London was highly suitable for combat from horseback. The flanges provided an excellent weapon that was light, quick, and yet could deliver a crushing blow. Believed to date from the early 14th Century, but of a style that was in use about 200 years earlier. A photo of the original can be seen in Arms and Armor by Vesey Norman, pg.91.

Weight 0.9kg
(2 lbs), overall 63,5cm
(25”), flanges 9.2cm
(3 5/8”). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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