Scottish Basket Hilt Claymore


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The pierced basket-hilt is a faithful reproduction of one found on the Culloden Moor in Scotland. There it would have seen the final decisive battle of the Jacobite rebellion in 1746 as an army of Highland clansmen fought the English troops. The Highlanders were disillusioned by the Acts of Union of 1706 which had largely displaced them and their ancient traditions from power and relevance as Scotland and England joined to form the United Kingdom. They were led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, who had arrived from France to claim the throne equipped with, among other supplies, 1800 broadswords. After a few promising battle victories the Battle of Culloden ended in the crushing of the Jacobites and their dreams. Within a few years from the battle the Highland way of life had been all but eradicated. Swords such as this still remind us of those last whispers of a by-gone era. The Battle of Culloden was the last pitched battle fought on British soil.

Basket hilt swords developed from medieval swords as the quillons eventually covered the whole hand. The basket hilt was combined with a wide blade for effective cuts and due to its width this type of sword is also known as a broadsword. The Scottish basket hilt claymore is a very distinctive example of broadswords because the hilt is unusually round and is traditionally lined with red fabric. Even though these swords were called claymore they are not related to the earlier two handed Scottish claymore but are closer to the Venetian schiavona.

The hand forged blade is fully tempered high carbon steel and the grip is made of wood wrapped in leather and brass cord. Our basket hilt sword comes with a black leather scabbard featuring a brass mount and chape. The basket hilt is made of brass and is lined with traditional red fabric. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
Total length: 100 cm. Blade: length 84 cm, width 4.3 cm, thickness 4.5 mm. Weight: 1.79 kg.

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