Spangenhelm, Plastic

  • Reproduction of a historical model
  • Fits all children and youth
  • Made of super tough and durable polypropylene
  • Safe and 100% recyclable
  • CE certificated. Made in the EU


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Description of the Product

The Spangenhelm consists of the spangen, or metal strips, which form the framework of the helmet. Onto this frame of a horizontal rim and two vertical strips iron plates are riveted that form the bowl of the helmet. This simple design was used all the way from antiquity through to the Early Middle Ages. By the 6th century it was the most common helmet design in Europe, since it was an effective protection that was relatively easy to produce. This type of helmet was often worn either with a mail coif or an aventail, and some helmets had separate cheek guards. The popularity of Spangenhelm lasted until the 12th Century. Eventually spangenhelms were replaced by one piece skulls, such as nasal helmets and kettle hats.

This helmet is made for the little warriors, whether they are facing a dragon or a host of enemies. Due to the realistic appearance, this helmet will give wings to the child’s imagination and offers endless possibilities for creative play and time travel. The helmet makes a great present for a child interested in knights and heroic tales.

This sturdy children’s helmet is made of super tough and durable polypropylene, which means you can even stand on this helmet, and it will still return to its shape. Will withstand all weather conditions from rain to snow and from blazing sun to freezing. Will withstand even rough play and mistreatment which is nice as sometimes kids get carried away.

  • Fits all children and youth
  • Made of super tough and durable polypropylene
  • Made in the EU
  • CE certificated
  • Safe and 100% recyclable
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