American Revolution Saber


The American Colonists were, like most of Europe, amorous of the dashing French Hussar. The handmade hilt of this American saber reflects their admiration of the 1700's French style. This well-balanced, fast sword was designed for the mounted fighter. The swords were carried by the soldiers mainly as back-ups, although that said, the American Revolution did see some of the last battles resolved by swords on the battlefield. Solid steel hilt with spiral pattern carved hardwood grip is married to an effective high carbon, well tempered blade. Comes with black leather scabbard with steel mounts. This attractive sword can be seen in the book "Swords and Blades of the American Revolution" by O.C. Newmann. A piece of early American history to start or add to your collection. Original from circa 1775.

Weight 0.9kg (2 lbs), overall 100cm (39 ½”), blade 86cm (34”) long, 3.2cm (1 ¼”) wide, 4,8mm (3/16”) thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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