German Hunting Saber


Boar and large deer hunting was a passion of the rich for centuries, but by the 1600's hunting was open to most classes, and this attractive sword would do to dispatch large prey as well as defend one from brigands. In Medieval times there was rarely any difference between swords used for war or for hunt and this later period full length sword carries out that tradition. Although the European Hunting Swords of this age were generally fitted with 30-60cm long blades, the Germans seemed to have a preference for big blades. This well-balanced, well-tempered functional sword comes with a scabbard and will make a worthy addition to any collection. Can be seen in the book: "A Collectors Guide To Swords, Daggers, And Cutlasses" by Gerald Weland.

Weight 1.2kg (2 lbs 10oz), overall 99cm (39 1/8”), blade 85cm (33 ½”) long, 2.9cm (1 ¼”) wide, 4.8mm (3/16”) thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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