Gongfu Broadsword

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There are several hundred fighting styles that have developed over the millennia in China, and these martial arts are often labeled under kung fu and/or wushu. In Chinese kung fu/gongfu refers to any skill that is acquired through learning or practice. During the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the turmoil of the Japanese invasion and eventually the Chinese Civil War, Chinese martial artists were encouraged to teach their skills to promote national pride. During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-76) many of the martial artists fled abroad, spreading their art to new areas. Chinese weapons are used in many of the different Kung Fu-styles, as a means of conditioning the body, the weapon being considered an extension of the body. The Eighteen Arms is a list of the eighteen main weapons used in Chinese martial arts, and it includes the dao.

This Chinese broadsword, or sabre, however you like to call it, is the traditional niuweidao or oxtail dao. It is a relatively heavy bladed weapon with a characteristic flaring tip and a roundish cutting section. The blade is optimal for cutting soft unarmored targets. The Niuweidao first appeared during the latter part of the Qing dynasty. This Practical Gongfu Broadsword has a distal-tapered 1566 high carbon steel blade, wooden grip wrapped in cord and blackened steel fittings. The balancing and light weight of the dao make it a very quick and easy to handle, and the sharpness makes it ideal for cutting practice. The textured wooden scabbard is designed with a slotted opening, which makes both for easy sheathing and graceful lines. In line with other swords in the “Practical” series, this Practical Gongfu Broadsword is very affordable.
Made by Hanwei. Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Overall length:84,5 cm
Blade length:71,1 cm
Handle length:14 cm
Weight:740 g
Point of Balance:20 cm
Width at Guard:3,5 cm
Width at Tip:6,1 cm
Thickness at Guard:4,6 mm
Blade material: 1566 carbon steel
Sharpness: Very sharp

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