Acre Crusader broadsword


This medieval Acre Crusader Broadsword from Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection is a formidable weapon of proven worth. This classic knightly sword was ideal for sword and shield/buckler combat whether on foot or horseback. The Acre crusader sword is a stout and fearsome blade that takes advantage of its heft, width and center of gravity to deliver deadly slashing cuts and hacking blows as well as thrusts. One can easily imagine how this weapon shredded both mail and leather armors across Europe and Asia-minor for centuries. This is no sword for the softhearted or weak-spirited. Its practical cruciform hilt with single-hand grip and disc pommel was to be the functional model for countless other sword styles to follow. To know why and how the Medieval warrior became so successful you could do no better than starting with this blade.

The sword is named after Acre, an ancient site guarding the entrance to the Levant. During the Crusading era Acre was second only to Jerusalem itself. During the crusades Acre saw many gruesome sieges and battles, but was also where the order of the Teutonic knights was founded and where the Knights Hospitaller had their headquarters.

Includes a matching scabbard with a belt stop, a frog to carry the sword and a certificate of authenticity signed by each smith that touched your blade through every step of the forging process.
Overall Length 100 cm, Blade Length 83 cm, Blade Width 5 cm, Weight 1.5 kg, Grip Length 16.5 cm, Point of Balance 15.2 cm from the hilt. Please note that this sword comes pre-sharpened!

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